J&J Ethicon Institute on Wheels

We are excited to share with you JJIW initiative. About the JJIW, it is based on the largest Volvo chassis currently available. This enables for a group of 16 including delegates and faculty to be involved in didactic and hands-on courses inside the vehicle. Pls refer to the attached pics , the vehicle is equipped with seating arrangements and workstations. Also, sharing you the JJIW program offerings with detailed description of sessions/ techniques.

Sr. No. Programs Sessions/ Techniques
1 Basic Infection Prevention Program (Sessions TBD based on level of prospective attendees) Introduction - Aims, HICC, Regulatory bodies, Quality concepts and economics of HAI etc

Employee Health

Theatre Etiquette, Hand Scrub, Gloving and Gowning, Latex Allergy, Mask, Injections, Handling of high risk dead bodies

Care of access systems and devices - Vascular care, Respiratory care, Urinary catheter Wound care, Transport of patients with drainage shunts.

Zoning in OR and Traffic flow, Bio Medical Waste Segregation, Linen Management & Laundry

Isolation Policy: Contact Precautions, Airborne precautions, Droplet Precautions, Positive and Negative Pressure rooms.

Infection Prevention and Laboratories (includes collection and transport of specimens)

CSSD/ TSSU- Instrument classification & Challenges faced

Elimination of infections in indwelling medical devices.

Elimination of VAP, CRBSI, Elimination of SSI & Orthopedic surgical site infections, Elimination of UTI

Specific areas of patient care: ICU, Operating room, Fogging, Cardiac cath lab, Dialysis unit, Ophthalmology, Burns ward, Obstetrics and Labor room, Endoscopy suites

High level Disinfection & Sterilization Methods & Use

Drug Resistance & Future challenges

2 Handling of Sutures and Knotting Techniques/ ESP Single Hand Knot Tying Technique, Double Hand Knot Tying Technique,

Instrument Knot Tying Technique, Interrupted Suturing Technique, Continuous Suturing Techniques

Mattress Suturing Technique, Subcuticular Suturing Technique, Knotting Technique in deep seated structures

Knotting Technique with Braded & Monofilament Sutures

3 Abdominal Wall Closure Interact with surgeons on the basics of tissue management w.r.t. Abdominal Wound Closure, Abdominal Anatomy - Brief Overview,Abdominal Wound Closure - Complications, Factors affecting outcomes, Recommendations and Consensus

Hands-on practice on mass closure/ layered closure on simulator, Aberdeen Knot Tying Technique

4 Bowel Anastomosis Hands-on practice on repair of perforated bowel & dissected bowel
5 Vascular Anastomosis Didactic Presentation on Basic Instrumentation & Handling

Arteriotomy & End to End Anastomosis, Patch Plasty, Venous Graft Repair

6 Tendon Repair Workshop Lecture & Video on Anatomy, Diagnosis, Primary Wound Care, Surgical Technique, Suture Selection, Evidence, Wound Management post-surgery, SSI mgmt, Rehab protocol and Hands-On Module on Pig Trotter
7 SoTM Gynecology Interact with surgeons on the basics of tissue management w.r.t. Caesarean section. Incisions & Dissection, Uterine Closure, Management of peritoneum, Fascia Closure, - Skin Closure
8 Episiotomy & Perineal Repair Didactic session on guidelines for Episiotomy repair: Various episiotomy and their pros and cons, Instrumentation for Episiotomy, Technique of suturing, Ideal suture materials for Episiotomy repair, Post op management, Note on surgical Site Infection

Didactic session on guidelines in perineal Repair: Various degree of perineal repair, Instrumentation for perineal repair, Techniques of perineal repair for various degree tear, Ideal suture materials, Post op management

Hands On-Lab session using harvested tissue models

9 Ethiskills CV Brief review of the CABG & Valve Replacement using Video/Slide/White Board

Hands-on training on Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Hands-on Training on Mitral & Aortic Valve Replacement

10 CV - ROSS Procedure Basics of Peadatric Cardiac Surgery, Ross Procedure Approach - Theory,

Dry Lab on harvested Procine heart - Demonstration, Dry Lab on harvested Procine heart - hands on

11 Basic Skills in Laparoscopic Surgery History of Laparoscopic Surgery, The Imaging System, Set up endoscopy system, Insufflation, Instruments, Access & Closure

Basic Manipulation- Accuracy and precision of movement in a box trainer: Instruments & Camera

Dissection and Clipping, Dissection & Roeder Knotting

12 Laparoscopic Suturing & Knotting Effective grasp of needle in needle holder and needle manipulation

Intracorporeal knotting & suturing - Interrupted with Surgeons knotting

Intracorporeal knotting & suturing - Continuous with Aberdeen Knotting

13 Advance Laproscopic Suturing & Knotting Lap Bowel Anastomosis, Vault Closure
14 Management of Energy Sources/ Devices on Tissues Evaluate haemostatic options available, Principles for the safe use of energy based instrumentation, Compare the associated risks and benefits, Understand science of energy in relation to tissue interaction
15 Proximations Instrumentation: Range of Proximate Stapling Devices

Didactic Presentation by Faculty: Science of Tissue Management & Use of Proximate Staplers in GI Surgery

Hands-on Demonstration: Gastrectomy, Gastrojejunostomy, Jejunojejunostomy, Low Anterior Resection using Circular Stapler, Minimally Invasive Procedure for Hemorrhoids,

16 HPB Surgery Course Hands-on Practice of Pancreatico-Jejunostomy, Hepatico-Jejunostom, Portal vein anastomosis techniques on tissues under Faculty supervision
17 VATS Master Class VATS Lectures & hands-on Sessions: Operating Room Set Up, Instrumentation and Techniques, Diagnostic VATS, Sympathectomy, Pleurodesis, Use of Endo-staplers in Thoracic Surgery, Pneumothorax, Bullectomy, Lung Nodule, Wedge Biopsy, Diagnostic Thoracoscopy, Mediastinal Dissection / Node Biopsy, Lobectomy Techniques: Anesthesia, Positioning, Incision placement, Instruments,
18 Urosurgery Master Class Ergonomics, Access and Instrumentation in laparoscopic Urology, Laparoscopic nephrectomy- Didactic step by step
19 Laparoscopic Gynae (Lap. Hysterectomy) Master Class Hands-on Intra corporeal suturing techniques, Tackling uterine arteries, TLH in previous LSCS, Large uterus, Uterus with multiple fibroid, Complications, Tissue retrieval techniques, Vault Closure on simulated tissue model.
20 Basic Laparoscopic Surgery Master Class Introduction & exposure to various laparoscopic instrumentations & optics which are required to perform Laparoscopic operation

Safe & appropriate use of these laparoscopic instruments by performing Laparoscopic Hand-eye-co-ordination exercises

Safe Induction of Pneumoperitoneum, Hands on techniques for cutting coagulation, dissection & removal of tissues in the wet lab by using various advanced energy sources

20 Hernia Techno-College / 'MPPAM' SYMPOSIUM Didactic Session: Factors influencing Hernia Repair, Patient Selection, Choice of Technique, Tissue factors and choice of mesh

Choice of fixation, Management of Complications, Surgeon factors, Case discussions